Hillary is Terrified! Look How She is Trying to Cheat the Debates Now!


Oh man, if you thought Hillary Clinton was weak before, this will take her pitiful paranoia to a whole different level.

Remember how they just announced the 3 debate moderators and Trump said he was happy with and respected all 3 (despite 2 of them being directly connected to Clinton)?

Well now Hillary’s campaign is coming out and claiming that the debates will not be fair because Chris Wallace, the ONLY conservative moderator, works for FOX News and they will be biased!

WTF?! Seriously Hillary? Way to go all Nixon on us.

She got her buddy David Brock to write a letter to the election commission asking them to remove Wallace.

The letter stated

“I am disappointed that an organization that prides itself on being non-partisan would make such a selection. I would respectfully ask that you reconsider your selection of Chris Wallace — or any current Fox News employee — as a presidential debate moderator until Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch cut ties with Roger Ailes.”

Pardon my language, but that was a total BITCH move!

If you are so afraid of Donald Trump, just drop out already. Don’t go running Chris Wallace’s good name through the mud because of your insecurities.

If you want the Election Commission to keep Wallace then you are gonna need to share this all over Facebook. Let them know that we want a fair election, not more rigged BS.

This is our country, dammit! Let’s take it back!