Hillary’s Doctor Gave Her a PERFECT Score on This Test – There’s Just One Problem…


Dr. Milton Wolf, a conservative Republican who ran for the U.S. Senate in Kansas, is speaking out about a NEW Hillary Clinton health coverup you didn’t know about.

Dr. Wolf is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist. And, interestingly, he is President Barack Obama’s second cousin, once removed.

Wolf explained that Hillary’s doctor who gave her a perfect score on a test is lying… because that kind of test doesn’t exist!

He shares this bombshell discovery on Twitter, and his tweets are going viral…


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As Dr. Wolf explains in greater detail:

Hillary Clinton suffered a dural sinus thrombosis (blood clots in the brain). Very serious. Significant risk of stroke, intracranial hemorrhage and death.

*They blamed the clots on a concussion. Not a chance. Concussions don’t cause blood clots. It would take a skull fracture with tearing of the dural sinus.

* She suffered/suffers residual/recurrent neurological deficits (visual disturbance, balance, memory, mental status). Bad prognostic indicator.

* She is on lifelong Coumadin. This is highly significant. Dangerous drug. Blood thinner. It’s clear she has a hypercoagulable disorder despite their denials. Coumadin carries a substantial risk for patients, particularly those with fall risk. Spontaneous hemorrhage common, intracranial and elsewhere. I see it commonly, including life-threatening brain bleeds. Normal, healthy patients are NEVER, NEVER prescribed Coumadin.

My conclusions (and I’m right about these):

* HC clearly has an underlying hypercoagulable blood disorder. That’s the only reason to give Coumadin (other than chronic atrial fibrillation and prosthetic heart valves, which are actually themselves causes of hypercoagulable disorders).

* Her hypercoagulable is likely severe. There are safer blood thinners than Coumadin. They’ve tried them on her (Lovenox) and it failed. Coumadin is typically given to those who can’t afford the newer drugs or reserved for cases that are refractory to the safer drugs. Coumadin is a powerful and dangerous drug; originally developed as a rat poison (Warfarin).

And the big one:

* It’s more likely than not that Hillary suffered a stroke in 2012 that they called a concussion. Stroke is extremely common following sinus thrombosis (of patients with clot in SSS: 75% stroke and 60% have intracranial hemorrhage). Overall about half the cases of sinus thrombosis resolve completely but that’s obviously not her since she exhibits and confesses to lasting neurological deficits. This is med school 101 stuff.

Leave it to Hillary Clinton to find a doctor willing to certify her health based on a test that doesn’t exist. Hillary will do anything to coverup her failing health problems, which have become the central controversy of the 2016 presidential race.

Unfortunately for Hillary, the truth is catching up with her!