Holy Cow! Julian Assange Released Stunning Bombshell On Hillary


Our President innocence is confirmed by the ones who leaked everything, know everything and FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. Julian Assange and his partners have something to tell to the entire American nation.

The Russian narrative started because of WikiLeaks documents who were leaked in crucial times in 2016, right before the elections and during the electoral campaign.

SETH RICH, YOU DIDN’T DIE FOR NOTHING! Look what Julian Assange said for Trump and Hillary:


Whoa! Look at this… Well, you don’t have to be smart at all to figure this out. Hillary and Podesta, especially Podesta and his brother were having close, really close ties to Russia.

All of them are involved in Russian investments and corrupt deals. They also hired Natalia Veselintskaya to spy on President Trump.

They did so many things, but the ignorant and crooked mainstream media refuses to take all of this in consideration, to observe the facts and make a good research.

They go after Trump without having a single piece of evidence instead. Without having a smoking gun!

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