HOLY CRAP! This Misterious Woman Just STOLE Something From The Senate While No One Was Watching [VIDEO]


THIS IS HUGE! There is a viral video leaked of a journalist/reporter that makes photos of top secret documents in possession of Donald Trump’s Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson. Rex Tillerson is one of the main targets of the mainstream media where thousands of haters post stupid accusations and insults against Tillerson, all in order to destroy his reputation and open a dispute over his nomination as the Secretary of State.

However, this case where most certainly an unknown woman secretly takes picture of classified documents is very suspicious and dangerous. First of all how is it possible an unknown person to enter one of the top institutions in our country and do such a crazy thing? Watch the video and read more below:


This shocking footage that went VIRAL overnight shows a reporter possibly stealingTOP SECRET documents from Trump’s Secretary of State Nominee, Rex Tillerson.

The video reportedly shows an unknown woman appearing to take secretly photographs of documents that belong to Trump’s Sec. of State nominee. We are not 100% sure if she is a reporter, or a Congressional staffer. This happened right before Tillerson was going to testify before the Senate. 

Right when the video starts, she checks to see if anyone is looking, then pulls a 2nd phone out of her pocket to take pictures. She takes multiple photos, then casually turns around to talk with the other reporters.

BUT SHE WASN’T DONE! About 32 seconds into the video, she takes even MORE pictures as the other reporters are walking away. (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THIS DISTURBING FOOTAGE)

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This is a really weird situation because, first of all, how could an unauthorized person to be close to the highest ranked politicians in the country, or how could she just entered the Senate, under the highest security measures? Maybe this is not something big or important, maybe the woman was doing something else instead of taking pictures, we can not judge, but it is really malicious why the security services said nothing about this case.