With Easter as one of the greatest Christian Holidays, people around the world are happy and content and celebrating the day Jesus entered into Jerusalem.

 Unfortunately, not everybody was happy and celebrating Palm Sunday because apparently for ISIS, today was a great opportunity to strike two churches in Egypt.

The dual bombings, which hit churches in Alexandria and Tanta, was a horrible bloody mess. Sadly, the world often ignores these attacks on Middle East Christians. TRUMP DID NOT!

Our President immediately took to Twitter with a statement that shocked the world:

The United States stands with Egypt but trusts President Al-Sisi and will NOT intervene unless asked!

The tweets read,

“So sad to hear of the terrorist attack in Egypt. U.S. strongly condemns. I have great confidence that President Al-Sisi will handle situation properly.”

See? Now I bet everyone was expecting Trump to be firing missiles again after Syria, but that is not the case.

You see, President Trump is all about being fair. He knows the President of Egypt and knows Egypt is more than capable of taking care of itself. So, while we support them, we will NOT interfere with their world.

However, even though Trump was right to condemn and offer support, no words can undo the damage done today.

These people simply wanted to pray and were murdered for it. We need to send a prayer to ALL Christians worldwide asking for safety from these monsters in ISIS.

Dear Lord,

Please, help us keep all of your children across the world safe from the monsters who would wish them harm. And give us the strength needed to fight back and protect ourselves.


H/T Liberty Writers News

Not only is Trump a GREAT patriot and Christian, but he has love in his heart for the people from all over the world, and respects the other religions, but will never tolerate radical terrorist under any circumstances. May God bless our president and the people who lost their loved ones in these hideous attacks and let’s hope that Al-Sisi will protect his people and the churches as well, and stop this madness.

Sometimes we have no other choice but to have faith and let the things run their course, not intervening, just like Trump did in this situation. Do you agree he did the right thing?