Horrible! It’s A Walk Out!


IT HAS JUST BEGUN! The deep state menaces already started their chaos and we can do nothing to stop it, obviously. George Soros’ machinery is working so hard and now we all have to witness the expected riots. What’s symptomatic and disgusting is how the leftists used their brainwashed footmen in Denver to raise their voices against President Trump and the new White House administration.

These kids are not to blame, NOT AT ALL! They are victims of a constant brainwashing by the liberal media and George Soros’ rhetoric that spread across the country like a wildfire.

Hundreds of students in Denver have walked out of their classrooms in protest of President Trump terminating DACA. 

From Fox 31:DENVER — Students from several schools in Denver marched out of classes on Tuesday morning to protest the Trump administration’s announcement that it will rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Students gathered at Barnum Park at West Sixth Avenue and Federal Boulevard before marching to the Tavoli Center on the Auraria campus.

Students from West High School gathered in Sunken Gardens Park and walked to Lincoln Park.


Another large group walked in the Five Points neighborhood with police vehicles at intersections to help escort the students.



Sad scenes… Anyway, this liberal charade will end soon. As long as the “silent voters” know what’s actually going on we don’t have to worry.

The intelligent Americans, including many young Americans, are informed using the internet and many other sources of information. We have to ignore the tendetious liberal propaganda from the mainstream media and focus on our progress as a nation, united and strong, with faith in God.