HORROR IN WISCONSIN – Many Dead, More Injured


Awful news! Wisconsin is mourning after something horrible happened in this beautiful state. Loud explosion was heard Wednsday night in a corn milling plant in Cambria, Wisconsin. There are 14 victims from the awful explosion. At least one man lost his life several are injured and missing. This is a sad day for our country…

At least one person was killed, two are missing, and eleven were injured on Wednesday night in an explosion at a corn milling plant in Cambria, Wisconsin.

Daily Mail reported that the fire department was called to the Didion Milling plant at 11pm, but rescuers struggled to get into the burning building.

“The big thing everyone has to realize is the fire was still active,” said Columbia County Sheriff Dennis Richards. “You had fire departments trying to put it out to get inside and get to those who needed assistance.”

A total of 16 people were in the building when the explosion occurred, and two managed to walk away uninjured. The fire at the plant, which prepares corn products for conversion into ethanol at another plant and operates 24 hours a day, was contained by Thursday morning.

Officials say that the ethanol plant located across the road is not in danger, and they assured the public that there is no threat from chemicals or fumes. The explosion occurred in the building that housed the plant’s laboratory, and the cause of it has not yet been released.

Nayeli Hernandez, a plant employee of three years, said four of her friends were in the building when the explosion occurred. Though two walked away uninjured, another two are still missing.

“I got a phone call from my brother. I called a coworker who is another lab tech. They were trapped inside. A big explosion happened, then everything just collapsed,” she said.

Please pray for the victims and their families!

Pray for the victims. This is a really, really bad accident. Let us hope that everything will soon be under control. We can pray for the victims and hope that they will find the missing people. Share this post and pray for the poor people, may God protect them all.

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