HUUUUUGE – Trump Releases THIS Amazing New Ad – Hillary Will LOSE If People See It!


Trump keeps surprising us. In a positive way, of course. The presidential debate triggered an avalanche of reactions, but his attitude is absolutely precious. If you follow his program, you’ve probably noticed his witty comments. Well, this time it’s more than comments.

He presented his latest campaign video and made us happy. Guess who is the greatest star of his ad? Hillary Clinton!

Via Angry Patriot

The “Do You Really Need To Ask?” Donald Trump campaign video is the campaign’s best yet! It’s short, succinct, and so filled with brutal honesty and common sense that liberals might fail to grasp it.

“Why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask,” Hillary Clinton recently screamed into a microphone, hands flailing, while addressing a group of union members via satellite.


Donald Trump’s video answers that question tenfold.

“Maybe it’s because you arrogantly call Americans deplorable,” the video responds.

That’s just one of many good reasons why Hillary Clinton is one of the most disliked presidential candidates of all time.

As Trump aptly pointed out during the presidential debate, Hillary has been involved with politics for almost 30 years and has accomplished nothing.

This is a change election.

We the People want results—not just more career politician double-speak, whining, and excuses.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Hillary Clinton proposed 713 bills while serving as the senator of New York—just three were approved by her peers in Congress.

Just a single bill could have a substantial impact on our lives, but none of Hillary’s “successes” during her eight years in Congress mattered much to anyone’s life.

Two of her three bills involved the renaming of a street and a USPS facility and the other involved the identification of a historical site.

Hillary sure does have a record alright—a bad one without a single true accomplishment.

Enjoy the tune of the week. Or decade sounds better? Well, considering that she spent 3 decades of her life in doing nothing, it’s no wonder why she is so desperate.

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