Huston Mayor Sylvester Turner Has VANISHED


Do you know what “CASUAL” liberal elitist is? Well, we can answer this question for you. One percent of all people living on this planet are PSYCHOPATHS. The liberal globalist who are on the top of the liberal pyramid are ALWAYS choosing psychopaths (emotional vampires) to be their servants.

The psycho-elite includes people who lack empathy and they are able to do ANYTHING in order to achieve personal gain. Most of the liberal elitists work that way. They have ZERO empathy and compassion for other human beings except themselves. Houston mayor is one of them and he proved that.

Despite repeated attempts, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has reported that he has been unable to reach Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. Abbott has called Turner’s cell phone “several times” to offer aid and whatever he may need in this time of crisis.

From Chron:

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he hasn’t yet spoken to Democratic Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner — despite repeated attempts.
Abbott said Sunday at an Austin news conference he’d called Tuner’s cell phone “several times” to “let him know that, whatever he needs, the state of Texas will provide.” Abbott said he’d yet to hear back.

Abbott’s office later clarified that the governor had called Turner four times since Friday and left two messages, to no avail.

The governor and mayor clashed before Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday, with Abbott suggesting people in Houston might want to evacuate but Turner saying fleeing unnecessarily would clog highways for those leaving other communities facing bigger threats.


Still, Abbott said Sunday, “We’ve moved beyond whether or not there should have been an evacuation.”

Whoa! This is disrespect, unprofessionalism, and irresponsibility. Please spread this story everywhere, this is really serious. Greg Abbot doesn’t deserve this, he worked really hard and made a huge commitment to help the people of his state recover from the tragedy. What do you think, does he need to resign immediately?