“I’m Ashamed To Be an American” Madonna Says, But Her Next Message Will Give You The CHILLS


Madonna is really ungrateful person. The people of this country gave her every opportunity to become a billionaire worldwide popular music star and it wasn’t enough. Instead of taking care of her own, Madonna decides to say something horrible and create another scandal in these hard times.

Madonna said that she was “embarrassed to be an American.” She was born and raised in this country, the fans in the USA made her popular and this is how she pays her debt.

This “political adventure” of Madonna began a long time ago, but it culminated after and before the inauguration of President Trump. She was one of the loudest anti-Trump celebrities along with Ashley Judd, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Kathy Griffin and many others.

However, she goes one level up. Now she is embarrassed to be an American. Was she embarrassed to be an American when she was making millions of dollars from American audience?

In Miami, she showed her real face. Her most recent attack against the American people was shocking as she feels America as “the place known for SIMPLE, STUPID IDIOTS, who will think anything anybody lets them know. Particularly if it’s Trump related, or originating from Trump himself.”

This is so stupid! She is supposed to be an artist entertainer, she is not supposed to spread hatred and piss off people. As a celebrity, Madonna should take care of relaxing her fans and sharing her talents with them, but she’s running anti-Trump political campaign instead.

Madonna, BACK OFF! Be a singer and nothing else. What is going on with all of those liberal celebrities out there?

They look like sad clowns. Nobody cares what they have to say anymore, even Brad Pitt ‘burried’ them with their lies and exposed the pedophile rings in Hollywood. Even Justin Bieber did the same who announced he intends to quit his music career.

Those liberal celebrities are pathetic and they are just a tool in the hands of much stronger elitists, who are also enemies of the American people.

If you had the chance to tell Madonna how do you feel about her(because she already said what she thinks of all of us), what would it be?