I’M GETTING FRUSTRATED- Tucker Carlson ANNIHILATES Obama Official After He Denied Susan Rice Scandal

In this whole mess, Tucker Carlson finally said something that, I suppose, every one of us feels and thinks right now. WE ARE ALL FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY- OBAMA, STOP HIDING! BE A MAN AND STEPP OUT, TELL THE TRUTH!

Tucker Carlson had an amazing speech on Fox News and you have to MARK his words. Read more below:

Even though Obama official Susan Rice was caught red-handed spying on President Trump’s campaign, many in the mainstream media are in complete denial over it. Tucker Carlson interviewed former Obama State Department official David Tafuri. Tafuri denied the proof against Rice and instead deflected to the Russia allegations.

Carlson asked why Rice looked into the campaign of Hillary’s political opponent right in the middle of an election. ““That looks political to me. Why in the world could she possibly be unmasking the names of people in the campaign against her preferred candidate?” asked Carlson.

Tufuri said it was all about uncovering Trump’s alleged alliance with Russia. “What’s this about? What’s this about? We all assume we know Russia ‘hacked’ the election, and I’m just asking you: Why has not one person — not one and I do this every single night — characterized what exactly that means?” asked Carlson.

“I’m getting very frustrated. I don’t know what it means to hack an election. I don’t know what exactly they did to constitute a crime so severe that you’d have to spy on the Trump campaign to prove it,” yelled Carlson.


“Tucker, hacked into the DNC’s emails and they leaked those emails out in a strategic way to impact the election,” Tafuri angrily responded. Do you think it’s disappointing how the mainstream media is trying to completely ignore the Susan Rice scandal? Check out the interview below.

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If you feel JUST LIKE Tucker Carlson, you are not brainwashed. This sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. This country’s people were always full of patriotic spirit, criticism against oppressors and FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

We have to think with OUR HEADS, and one thing is simple- Obama’s using rice to protect himself and himself ONLY!