Indicted Democratic Rep. Just Said The Most Mind – Numbingly STUPID Thing To The Press


Not all Democrats are above the law. Most of them are, but not all, including Rep. Corrine Brown.

Does her name sound familiar? It probably doesn’t, since MSM has largely ignored her entire scandal. Basically, Brown (the Democratic representative for Florida’s 5th congressional district) and her Chief of Staff Elias “Ronnie” Simmons were indicted for involvement in the bogus charity “One Door for Education.” Fraud and corruption. You know how that goes. The charity was supposed to grant scholarships to poor students, but as it turns out, it only gave out two small scholarships. Brown and Simmons pocketed the rest of the money. Brown allegedly spent the money on “lavish receptions” (some in honor of herself), concert tickets and an NFL game.

Brown pled not guilty. Because of course she did that. If convicted, she could face 357 years in prison. But for now, she’s writing our laws.

Her trial is right around the corner, but she’s running into some problems. For instance, two of her attorneys have asked a judge to allow them to withdraw because the “relationship between the undersigned and Corrine Brown has quickly deteriorated.

A motion filed by David Haas, also on behalf of Mark NeJame, says they’ve hit almost immediate road blocks in planning their case.

“The relationship between the undersigned and Corrine Brown has quickly deteriorated to the point of having irreconcilable differences. The nature of these communications are confidential, but suffice to say, irreconcilable differences exist and the relationship is strained where effective representation is compromised,” the motion says.

The motion further says that there is a difference of opinion on case management, how to properly prepare, and Brown’s availability.

They added that this has “created an atmosphere of hostility and distrust not conducive to further representation.”


It’s like a bad movie or something.

Speaking after the hearing, where the judge granted the motion to withdraw, NeJame says he’s known Brown for a decade and, while sometimes it works to represent friends, sometimes it does not.

“It’s simply a break-up,” NeJame said, adding that sometimes it’s best to “be friends”, but not “be married”.

Asked about the mild response in the face of the harsh words in the motion, NeJame says they talked it out.

“We did get in to words, but no different than you get in to words with your friends or your family,” he says.

Brown offered little comment both during the hearing and after, while standing next to NeJame. She did say it’s not easy to represent a “lawyer wannabe” like herself.

But Brown doesn’t seem too worried about it. She doesn’t have to prove anything

“I don’t have to prove my innocence to the court or to the news media,” Brown told a group of reporters.

Then she compared the press to a lynch mob and asked them how’d they feel if she accused them all of being pedophiles. I’m not even kidding.

The court case is the only thing you reporters want to ask me about.

Once and for all: I AM INNOCENT.

Let me ask you folks a question: What if I accused you guys of being pedophiles?

I bet that didn’t feel too good, did it?

Well that’s how I feel, especially because I’m innocent.

Um…how is that comparable in any way? My gawd, this woman WRITES OUR LAWS LORD HELP US. If you’re reading this and voted for her, please take your left hand and smack yourself.

Despite this, you guys come at me like a lynch mob demanding that I prove my innocence in a 20-second sound bite.

Maybe you were goofing off in your middle-school civics class but in the United States of America accused people are innocent unless proven otherwise.

An indictment is an accusation. It is NOT a conviction.

You worship the Constitution’s First Amendment so maybe you never got to the Fifth Amendment that says it’s the prosecution’s job to prove guilt.

I don’t have to prove my innocence to the court or to the news media.”

Wow. Someone is a little b*tchy over the whole “First Amendment” concept.

Innocent until proven guilty. Yes Brown. We understand that. But we also understand that Democrats regularly get away with stuff like lying to the American people repeatedly and knowingly transmitting classified information on a private email server.

The facts are against you. Your charity gave out two measly scholarships. TWO. The rest was put in private bank accounts. No one even wants to represent you, Brown.

Please. No one feels sorry for you.

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