Insider Finds Brilliant Way How Trump Can Punish Judges For Objections – GO FULL ANDREW JACKSON

Donald Trump could REALLY go “Andrew Jackson” on the lib Judges who are rebelling against the President and the Constitution. The political situation in the country became abysmal.

First of all, if Trump wants to enforce his laws and reforms he has to CLEAN the deep state’s leftovers. Trump is getting nervous… It’s going to happen!

President Trump recently got his 2nd immigration/terrorism prevention order rejected by a judge in Hawaii. But Robert Barnes revealed how if President Trump wanted to, he could completely ignore this ruling. He started by talking how the Hawaiian Judge’s law is unprecedented and way too powerful.


“So he went beyond just the district of Hawaii. He said no state can enforce it. Nobody in any part of the country can enforce it. Nobody anywhere in the administration can enforce it. He issued what’s called a nationwide injunction, and it precludes any application of the order,” explained Barnes.

He went on to explain how Trump could bypass the judges order by following in Andrew Jackson’s footsteps. “When the Supreme Court issued a decision, Andrew Jackson’s famous comments were, ‘Well, they’ve issued their decision; now, they can enforce it. He was the last president to really challenge a Supreme Court usurping authority they did not have,” he explained.


“The flip side is if he did that, the media would go on a field day and say the president thinks he’s above the law and is refusing to honor a court order. He’s more likely to wait for this issue to get adjudicated. It ties his hands, unfortunately, and endangers the country in the interim, but politically speaking, he’s sort of put between a rock and a hard place. His only real alternative is to either go full Andrew Jackson or let it play out in the courts, and in the interim, the order is not enforced,” he said.

“Judges think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, however they want. The media will celebrate them. Nobody will do anything negative or adverse to them. And the only person pushing back on it is President Trump,” he said.

H/T Conservative101

We should all support Trump on this one. The judicial system is one of the most important segments of our society. We can not turn a blind eye on judges like Watson. The people voted for the President’s policy and that’s democracy! The winning policy should be enforced for the good of the people- because the people want it!