Instant Karma – Chelsea Clinton Runs Her Huge Mouth at Trump – Gets a Nasty Surprise!



Whoa! Wherever Chelsea Clinton appears she is instantly getting embarassed. She is such a hypocrite. This young woman, obviously, wants to follow the steps of her parents. She is literally embarassing herself with her pathetic claims and lies. She wants to tresh the conservatives and the President, but it always backfires.

Chelsea Clinton has spent the past few months trying to attack Donald Trump in as many ways as she can. On Tuesday, she continued this quest by appearing on the “Today” show to discredit the president. Americans are equally tired of Chelsea’s anti-Trump rhetoric as with her mom’s refusal to accept any blame for losing the 2016 election.

Breitbart reported that Chelsea tried to explain why she has been such a vocal critic of Trump in the past few months, telling co-host Savannah Guthrie she found a voice during the campaign and thought it was necessary “not to stay silent now” given the political climate.

“Well, last year when I was campaigning for my mom — I think really up until my due date with Aidan and then being on the stage at the convention so proud to support her there just a few weeks after he was born — I did so many events for my mom,” Clinton said. “And I had a chance to share my thoughts publicly in those forums. I did lots of interviews. And now I continue to share my views after the inauguration.”

“I don’t think what I say today is any different than what I would say had I been asked similar questions or similar issues kind of on the stage,” she continued. “But certainly, I think we all have a responsibility to not stay silent now. I think we all have to speak up and use whatever platforms we have now and certainly, social media is part of that.”

Sadly for Chelsea, Twitter users quickly let her know that they couldn’t care less about her political opinions:

She gets what she deserves. We are not stupid. We know who the Clintons are. Share this post and be part of the giant army of American patriots who want to end the Clinton’s saga. We don’t need them. They missed their chance. America needs people who want to dedicate their life to help the people, not to make career.