INSTANT KARMA – Illegal Aliens Who Blocked The Street To RIOT Against Trump Just Got HORRIBLE NEWS


The huge immigrant wave passed like a storm trough the world. Panic. Crisis. Everybody takes side when this question is opened. Misery awaits for the western civilization if we continue to take this as a joke. The illegal immigration is a serious problem and awful things happen. Read the post under the video below:

On Thursday, immigrants all over America decided to teach Donald Trump a lesson by organizing “A Day Without Immigrants” protest in which they all refused to show up to work. Their goal was to show Trump how much this country needs immigrants to survive, but their little plan just blew up in their faces in a big way.Freedom Daily reported that immigrants joined the protest by posting photos like this one on social media.

The mainstream media tried to make it look like most employers were firmly behind this protest, but that turned out not to be the case at all. Here’s some stunned protesters who arrived to work on Wednesday to find this sign plastered on the door:



We applaud businesses that are punishing protesters for missing work yesterday. These employers understand that Trump’s immigration policies are NOT bigoted. Instead, they are meant to encourage people to come to this country LEGALLY! If any immigrant did indeed come into this country the legal way, they have nothing to worry about from Trump.

H/T Truth Monitor

This is simply disgusting. This ban was meant to be enforced for the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. It’s unimaginable how far this thing went. Why? Why this drama and all of this suffering. We need changes and we need them now! Those changes will bring prosperity and peace. We can not listen to these liberal pricks- we have to protect our country.