They Intentionally Broke This White QB’s Back, Fans Furious After Seeing What NFL Did To Him After His Return


Fans are always the best judges of every sport. That’s the truth. But the fans judge not only what happens on the fields during the games, but the fans can go way above it. Fans see everything, hear everything ,feel everything. They are the main reason every sport exists and they make it possible for sports to exist. Well, it’s all about the fans, if it wasn’t about the magic of the game too.

NFL is facing the biggest disaster- they’re losing the fans. They’re losing the SOUL of the game, but the fans have a good reason why. Read more below:


Ever since football season began, we’ve seen protests within the NFL take a nasty racist turn. No longer are athletes satisfied with silently kneeling while the national anthem plays, as many black players are now rendering black power salutes anytime they sack a white player on the field. Then things took a startling turn for the worst at the beginning of the month, after white Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had his back broken during a tackle, where some sports commentators are speculating that Carr’s all-black offensive line refused to block for him as a savage punishment for Carr for choosing to stand for the national anthem while they all sat before the game.

As Carr’s season-ending injury looks to be the result of a disgusting act of racism on the football field, we’d hope to see some sort of disciplinary action on the part of the NFL. But with the NFL now appearing to support these types of racist-inspired injuries, fans have finally had enough. Now the NFL just got a brutal taste of reality over the weekend as to what happens when they continue to ignore their fans in order to pander to their racist and America-hating athletes.

Anti-American NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had the opportunity to put a stop to these nasty protests during preseason, but instead, chose to side with these anti-American athletes, putting the problem back on the fans by demanding that NFL fans be more “understanding” of these protests. With NFL ratings now in the toilet, Goodell has idiotically doubled down on his sentiments, where he’s now looking to transform the entire month of November into a “police brutality awareness month,” where his whiny millionaire athletes can whine about the “oppression” they endure from living in America.

As the NFL continues to send the bold message that they have no intentions of stopping these protests, nor do they plan to punish black players who intentionally refuse to block for their white players, fans have now taken things into their own hands, sending a brutal message that’s spelling disaster for the organization who refuses to listen to the sentiments of their outraged fans.

While the NFL has witnessed a steady decline in their viewership, they never expected for things to get this bad. Over the weekend literally, thousands of empty seats were prevalent at many stadiums across America, as fed up fans have finally had enough.


Someone noticed the same thing happening at the Seahawks’ game, team of racist player Michael Bennett who started a sick new trend of sacking white players on the field and then rendering black power salutes. “The Rams are in first place, the division rival Seahawks are in town, yet tons of empty seats at kickoff,” someone tweeted.


The same thing was happening at the Giants game over the weekend, the same team whose nasty player Odell Beckham Jr. dropped down on all-fours and pretended to pee like a dog as a vile gesture to President Trump who suggested that fans should turn off the NFL.


The Dolphins were suffering the same issue of nearly empty stadiums, the same team who were very vocal in taking a knee all last summer and continue to do so.


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All fans deserve way better treatment than this and they judged fairly this time. They punish the NFL for their irrational and irritating decisions, statements and actions. From most popular sport among Americans, NFL ratings are in a free fall. You just can’t blame the fans for it.