Iraq War Hero Told To Take Down His Flag, So He Does THIS Instead [VIDEO]


According to recent reports, a war veteran living in Suffolk, VA has decided to take a stand after being told by his local homeowners association to remove the American flag from his front porch.

Daniel Toner was told by the HOA that he could not fly the flag because it was in violation of Belmont Park Owner’s Association agreement.

Chesapeake Bay Management President Dana Shotts-Neff claims that the request has less to do with the symbolism of the American flag and more to do with the fact that “a flag holder is considered an alteration to a home, and residents need to apply for alterations.”

“You shouldn’t even have to ask permission to have an American flag on your property,” Toner told reporters. “That’s a right according to Congress.”

According to Shotts-Neff, there will be a resolution adopted by the Belmont Park Owner’s Association that will allow flag holders.

“That flag is staying right where it is,” Toner told reporters. “I don’t retreat.”