An ISIS Supporter Said ”Death To America!” – Instantly Destroyed On Live TV!


The islamic extremism became a habit between the young muslims especially. This sickness sponsored by some evil people that want to make self-profitable businesses. These terrorists are everywhere! Finally they made their own state- ISIS. They cooperate very well and have strong structure of organization. They strongly believe in their Sharia law and everybody that does not share their beliefs is marked as infidel.

Now, watch this video below. This is the original example of the ISIS extremism and its arrogance. However this stupid sharia terrorist got what he deserved!

When Anjem is asked about Pamela’s “Draw Muhammad Day” and whether she should be put to death or not, he replies with this:

You know what? She should be tried in a Sharia court, be found guilty, and of course she would face capital punishment. She should have thought about that before she had that competition. You can’t go down that road, insulting Muslims, and think the Muslims aren’t going to retaliate back. I would attack someone if they insult my mother, let alone the prophet who I love 100 times more.

H/T YesImRight

You have been served! Dirty Islamic radical! This is just another example why our elect-president want to ban muslim immigration in the USA. These people are mean and evil. They come in your country, they play friendly and when there is plenty of them- they strike! Just look what happened in Europe… ISIS scum has to be destroyed! We must not let that happen in the USA. We are not stupid liberals and we will stand our ground and fight!