It’s Over Folks! ‘THE VIEW’ Gets HORRIBLE News – They’re DONE!

The View is one of the worst shows that ever appeared on TV. They have a devastating rating and everything is going to be ruined! Their liberal agenda- first, their wealthy donors- second. These losers with giant mouths have to accept the truth and that is- DONALD TRUMP WILL BE THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

After NBC’s real face was revealed- everybody accused them for immaturity, no professionalism, fake news fabrication etc. These days are hard for The View, especially for their most frustrated host – Whoopi Goldberg. She is hired to spam with her idiotic ,,ideals” and she knows NOTHING. It is pretty obvious that she is hired from some dumb foundation. Read this report below:

“She feels they’ve ruined the franchise that she and Bill Geddie built. Instead of focusing on smart, educated women with strong talent, they cast uninformed child actors on the show. The legacy has been compromised because of poor casting and bad leadership under ABC News,” a source told Page Six.

Walters is reportedly so embarrassed by what The View has become that she ditched a post-election special which reunited original hosts Debbie Matenopoulos, Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar and Star Jones. At the time, her representative said Walters was vacationing in Florida with her daughter.

“It was a prearranged vacation for the two of them. She calls the control room multiple times a week to offer her suggestions. She has a wonderful relationship with the show,” she said.

This comes just as Candace Cameron Bure, the token conservative on the program, left the show after she could no longer take being attacked for her Christian views on a daily basis.

“She was at a ‘Hot Topics’ meeting and said she didn’t feel well. She went home and no one heard from her for several weeks — even her close friends at the show. People thought she was about to have a breakdown because she was exhausted. She didn’t return anyone’s calls and went AWOL. We were not surprised when she returned and asked to get out of her contract,” an insider said.

It already happens! The mainstream media will burn to the ground, and this is just the beginning of their endless suffering. They are going to loose their jobs, reputation, money- all of these because they are liberal traitors who sell fake news!