James Woods Destroys Hillary And Elizabeth Warren In One RAZOR SHARP Tweet


James Woods is possibly the smartest guy on Twitter. He just proved that once again by literally destroying Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in once razor sharp tweet. It was glorious. He is a weapon unto himself: “#GoofyElizabeth Warren actually stated “that no one, no one in this country is above the law,” apparently forgetting to exempt all #Clintons.” That was utter and brutal destruction of the egos to the Clintons.

Elizabeth Warren is an unintentional moron. She talks about the rule of law and no one being above it, but ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and the Democrats in Washington are exempt to the law because they just can’t obey. She’s trying to parley the Comey firing into an impeachment and it won’t work. One second, she wants Comey fired and prosecuted, the next she wants him kept and Trump prosecuted. It’s confusing trying to track all of the lies here. They are never ending.

Such sheer hypocrisy is almost something to be admired. And yet not. I’ve watched James Woods for a long time now. The guy is brilliant and a solid conservative. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to piss him off or be his enemy. Warren is a blatant fraud and a liar with a long, long track record. So are most of her colleagues. No wonder Americans are tuning them out… they can no longer believe a word they say.

Per CNN, Senator Elizabeth Warren tells graduates with a lot of debt: Agitate! She wants chaos and violence in the streets to obstruct President Trump. She’s a huge idiot. Seriously, Democrats, if this is who you are pinning your election hopes on, give up now. You’ve lobotomized the Democratic Party.

When the left learns that they should be treated equally. Warren and Clinton are just more victims of James Woods’ sharp tongue.