Jamie Foxx UNLOADS On Hollywood – KNOCKS DOWN Rosie And Other Celebs Trashing Trump – WELL SAID

Jamie Foxx completely shocked the Hollywood celebrities with his strong statement against the liberal hypocrisy. Jamie Foxx is a Trump supporter and conservative American. Most of the celebrities belong to the radical progressive left political wing. However, that’s not the case with Jamie Foxx. Despite his progressive colleagues, he decided to keep his believes and values. In the video below you can see how he knocks down Rosie O’Donnel and many other arrogant celebrities that used their position to attack our president-elect:

In an interview with Essence magazine, actor Jamie Foxx spoke up about the current political landscape in America, and what he had to say will cause many liberal heads to explode because it runs counter to the narrative they’ve been pushing since President-elect Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

“Regardless of who the president is, the spirit of America is always going to be great,” Foxx said.

Foxx added that the country was set up by the Founding Fathers in such a way that even if things “go off the rails,” the country will be able to protect itself.Though Foxx worked in some “inclusivity” talk of a sort not dear to us here at Conservative Tribune, we appreciate his pro-American stance and his criticism of Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore and other celebrity elitists who continued to attack Trump and his supporters.

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It is a real pleasure to see an American patriot talking how wonderful our country is and raising the good american spirit. We need people like Foxx to be role models for our children and we have to see more people like him on TV. We are sick and tired from the liberal celebrities because they tend to be dangerous as they influence the people, giving them bad ideas and instructions. They are not politicians and they can not judge!