Jeannine Pirro Has Astonishing Predictions For Our Country- Liberals Will HATE This!

Justice Jeannine Pirro is back and she’s stronger than ever! If you missed this brave woman in the past few days- I have some good news- Jeannine Pirro returned with an AMAZING speech.

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It is truly crazy how overheated and hysterical Democrats have gotten in the past few weeks. Liberals can’t seem to handle how Republican President Donald Trump has been decisively righting the many wrongs of Democrat Barack Hussein Obama by rolling back the damage he did to America.


Recently, Democrats have gotten so crazy that newly elected Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez even said during an expletive filled speech at a liberal rally that Donald Trump did not actually win the election. Judge Jeanine Pirro is sick of how this liberal hatred has escalated, and she just made a powerful prediction that will irritate liberals.

Pirro used her “Opening Statement” to set these unhinged liberals straight. Said the judge, looking both run of the mill liberal voters and Democratic leaders like Tom Perez straight in the eye, “I have a prediction to make.”

She continued, “While the left acts like children who just can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost the election and simply won’t stop their abusive invectives against the man who was constitutionally elected, calling him ‘not legitimate,’ and his cabinet ‘scum bags,’ that man is doing the job we hired him to do.”


Added Jeanine, “He is building up and modernizing the military, as well as strengthening law enforcement.”  Watch below:

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Pirro’s predictions seem to be quite real. On the other hand, the liberals will most certainly continue with their pathetic try to accomplish their agenda and embrace the deep state.

Donald Trump set the focus on real aspects and segments in our society. We should support the winning policy- at least, that’s DEMOCRACY.