Jeff Bridges Infuriated Many Hollywood Libs By Defending President Donald Trump


Some people, including Hollywood celebrities, still cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential elections back in November 2016. During the elections, some celebrities said they would even move in another country if he won, but that has not happened yet. Others have made inappropriate jokes and death threats against the President. However, that is not the case with actor Jeff Bridges who said he voted for Hillary Clinton but is willing to give Trump a chance.

Via Patriot Beacon

How refreshing! Jeff Bridges, a respected actor, singer, and producer is displaying maturity and class in opposition to most of Hollywood and their hateful anti-Trump rhetoric. Although an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton, Bridges is putting that aside and want Trump to do well by the country.

Breitbart reported that though Bridges said he voted for Hillary Clinton in the election, he believes people should be rooting for Trump now that he’s our president. Instead of threatening to assassinate Trump like his fellow celebrities Kathy Griffin and Johnny Depp, Bridges thinks it’s important to give him a chance to lead first.

“Everybody has something different and unique to contribute to society and with different ways of doing it,” Bridges said on Wednesday during a panel about child hunger. “Some people will be blatantly out there talking about their disappointments and ridiculing the way President Trump is acting.”

“I’m rooting for him to do well by our country,” he added. “I’m rooting for him as a human being to do the cool thing.”

Most liberals decided that Trump is the worst president of all time before he was even been in office. We love that even though Bridges is a Democrat, he’s mature enough to see that it’s important to give Trump a chance before deciding what kind of president he really can be.

Liberals are angry at Bridges for rooting for Trump. Bridges knows that Trump deserves to be given a chance to show what kind of a president he will be. More celebrities should follow his example.