AG Jeff Sessions Releases His Official Statement; This Is THE END


It’s official! Jeff Sessions and the new White House administration hit the sanctuary city of Chicago where it hurts the leftists the most- the city budget.

Obama and his little buddies made a real mess out of this, once, a famous city with beautiful, worldwide famous architecture. The suburbs of this city are now abandoned, the people demand safety and the illegal immigrants and various other criminals are RULING the streets like Chicago is their own kingdom.

Of course, this policy is sponsored by the ultra-liberal Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The globalist policy of collecting illegal aliens and criminals of all kinds resulted in an unseen murder rate in this city.

Donald Trump decided to cut it off. No more tolerance. He gave them a chance, now, their treasury will be EMPTY. No more money for SANCTUARY city.

The lawsuit is on, the separatistic and fundamentalistic liberals in Chicago want this money back. It is not going to happen. The American taxpayer doesn’t want to pay for illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorist from the third world countries.

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