Jimmy Fallon Bashes Trump At Golden Globes – INSTANTLY Regrets It When He Gets a BRUTAL Response From Americans


Jimmy Fallon decided to start a war against Donald Trump and the American people. Before the crowd of mostly liberal puppets from Hollywood with their real life acting, Fallon launched awful ,,comic” attack against our elect president. He was so confident, but in fact so dumb, because everyone is tired of the sick mainstream media jokes and their attempts to destroy the name of Donald Trump.

The nation responded and stood against the pathetic creature- Jimmy Fallon. He got what he deserved. However, they can not fool us, we know what is Hollywood supposed to do, but their purpose ends here because very soon everything is going to change!

Over the course of four minutes, Fallon compared Trump to the menacing and murderous King Joffrey from “Game of Thrones,” joked about Trump’s difficulty finding inauguration performers and said the ceremony, unlike the U.S. electoral system, still valued the popular vote.

“This is the Golden Globes: One of the few places left where America honors the popular vote,” Fallon said.

Fallon then compared Trump to “Game of Thrones” character King Joffrey, who was killed previously on the show and was known as one of its most villainous characters.

“[Game of Thrones] has so many plot twists and shocking moments, a lot of people are wondering what it would be like if King Joffery had lived. Well, in 12 days we’re gonna find out,” Fallon said.

Now, just look at the reactions! The american nation chose Trump for president, Jimmy Fellon, you disrespect the entire nation with your pathetic jokes!



Go back to your hole Jimmy Fallon and never appear anymore! Nobody likes pretenders like you. If your sponsors ordered to you to love Trump- you would have do that in a sec. We will see you after a year or so, you will crawl to get under the skin of our president. You are so pathetic!

H/T Young Cons