John McCain Accused Of Treason!


John McCain accused of treason! STRAIGHT IN HIS FUMING FACE! The globalist-in-chief felt the wrath of the nation. We, the people- he finally felt how dangerous Americans can get.

The globalist-in-chief, the biggest traitor of the modern US history, faced a brave American patriot who spilled everything in his face. (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)

John McCain is accused of treason, working against the interests of the USA. He was directly involved in the globalist (new world order) agenda by creating, maintaining and supporting various terrorist organizations.

Once our ‘mortal enemy’, Al Qaeda, was directly under control of John McCain who managed to create various Islamist factions in Africa and the Middle East( Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh, Al Nusra, ISIS etc.)

John McCain’s  ‘dirty job’ in the Middle East was orchestrated by George Soros, Rothschilds and, of course, their representative in the White House- Barack Obama. (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)

Their mission was to take down Bashar Al Assad, who wanted a totalitarian regime, BUT BASHAR AL ASSAD WAS PROTECTOR OF ALL CHRISTIANS, SHIA MUSLIMS, AND JEWS IN SYRIA!

During his rule, Syria was a SECULAR country, pro-western oriented, modern and prosperous. John McCain and his hounds of war wanted to bring Sharia-Law in Syria accusing Assad of sick things he actually never did.

Why? Because Syria was the last part of McCains “Arabian Spring” which was supposed to start the violent and enforced Muslim colonization of the Western Hemisphere.



EPIC! You got to love this guy. Look at McCain’s facial expression. His looking down because he is ASHAMED of what he did, but he still underestimates the audience as he’s laughing like a little concubine.

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