John McCain Brings Horrible News For Donald Trump! This Shouldn’t Have Happened!


The things in the Republican Party are not on a good level recently. John McCain, who is supposed to represent the people of Arizona, represents himself only and no one else. Now, we have the opportunity to spread the sad news about McCain and Pentagon. John McCain again has the authority to make decisions for our military. He blocks Pentagon and the media is in total silence. Read more below:

Ever since Donald Trump took office, Arizona Senator John McCain has been betraying the Republican Party by making it difficult for Trump to make his agenda a reality. This week, it came as sad news to Republicans all over the country when McCain continued to do this by announcing that he will suspend confirmation hearings for Pentagon nominees until the Trump administration gives him additional information surrounding its war strategy for Afghanistan.

Conservative Tribune reported that McCain has the power to do this since he is chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services. The Arizona senator reportedly told Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford that he will make it impossible for the Trump administration to appoint needed officials at the Pentagon until he has more questions answered.

“There are not two individuals that I admire more than are sitting at the table facing this committee, but I want to tell you again: We will not accept a lack of information, a lack of strategy, a lack of coordination with this committee,” McCain said at an Armed Services Committee hearing on Afghanistan. “And there are several methods, thanks to the Constitution, that we have to try and force a change in that relationship. I’ve been told by both of you that we are having a strategy, that we are now going to work closely together with the committee, that we are working with various allies. I’m glad to hear that.”

This comes at a time when the Pentagon only has 30 percent of its positions filled, and it needs Senate confirmation in order to fill the remaining 70 percent.

“There’s a number of them that have been awaiting hearings and confirmations, some have had hearings,” McCain said.

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This is awful. This basically disables Trump to reform Pentagon, and Mattis is also unable to do anything in his own “house”.  This is an unconstitutional act by John McCain, but who can stop him- he holds the position and he has his own “reasons” and the leftists will stand behind him for sure, they stand behind everything that is a possible threat to Trump’s administration. Please spread this- America needs to see what John McCain just did.