Jon Voight Makes Amazing Trump Endorsement And Exposes The ‘Dark Cloud’ Covering Our Country


Hollywood Superstar Jon Voight made an incredible speech Trump during the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. “I’ve come to know what good is, and what bad is. And I know I can distinguish who know, I can distinguish who Donald Trump is and who Hillary Clinton is,” Voight began.

“I feel there is a dark cloud over the country now and we are all witness to Hillary Clinton’s lies and corruption. We are witness to President Obama covering every false move that she makes and making them appear right. And we are witness to our so-called football heroes that are supposed to set examples for our young children that mock our national anthem,” declared Voight.

My heart aches watching Donald Trump day after day, pouring his heart out telling the American people what he wants to do to save the nation. How can anyone doubt his sincerity? I can only feel if God allows truth to be said and heard, that we will see Donald Trump the next president of this great America.” Check out the awesome speech below.