Journalist Exposes Hillary Health Secret…’Chilling’ Thing Happens To Him HOURS Later


Asking about Hillary Clinton’s physical condition ended up being very hazardous to David Seaman’s employment health.

In a video he posted on YouTube, the journalist said he was fired by The Huffington Post after he posted an article that contained a link to a video asking pointed questions about the health of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Seaman said The Huffington Post is “deleting and censoring commentary on her health.”

“It’s chilling,” Seaman said, noting that two columns on the topic were deleted by The Huffington Post at the same time his password to post there was suspended. “I still haven’t really absorbed it.”

The video that Seaman linked, created by Paul Joseph Watson, is titled The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior. As of Monday night, it had more than 3.6 million views.

“It was a very newsworthy thing for me to link out to. People are talking about it, that hashtag has been quite popular, and whenever a video concerning a presidential candidate’s health is viewed more than 3.5 million times, somebody who is under contract to The Huffington Post and to AOL should be able to link out to that, especially as a journalist … without having their account revoked without any notice … late on a Sunday night,” he said.

However, in a post from Sunday headlined, “Hillary Clinton’s Health Is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens),” Seaman indicated he was aware of the chances for pushback.

“Look guys, I need to keep my job and platform. A lot of people read the Huffington Post and AOL properties. We all know what happens when you speak a little too much truth about the Establishment-beloved Clintons,” he wrote.

In another Sunday column about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s challenge to Clinton to release medical records, he wrote, “Will Hillary Clinton respond to Donald Trump’s medical health records disclosure challenge? She should, but whether she will is another question altogether.”

Seaman, however, said the columns were nothing out of the ordinary.

“I’ve filed hundreds of stories over the years as a journalist and I’ve never had anything like this happen. … I’ve never experienced this,” the journalist said.

“This is spooky, to me this is extremely spooky – I don’t like it,” he added.

Seaman said he planned to continue to write about the subject.

“Now the story is that they’re deleting and censoring commentary on her health. Why is that?” he asked.

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