Joy Behar Brought Up Hillary Winning Popular Vote, Rumsfeld Obliterated Her With Only 2 Words

Joy Behar is a person who just doesn’t learn the lesson. The liberal leftists now are out of ‘cards’ and they are so pathetic, they still brag about the ‘popular’ vote. Joy Behar had an interesting interview with Donald Rumsfeld.  She shut her mouth in the most gracious way.

Joy Behar is the absolute worst.

I mean, at some point, shouldn’t you have the self-awareness to acknowledge you don’t know anything about politics and just stop talking?

There’s nothing wrong with bowing out of a conversation that you don’t know anything about.  Not Joy.

She started talking about the popular vote that Hillary won and the two-time Secretary of Defense responded perfectly with just two words.

From The Daily Caller:

“What counts?” Rumsfeld responded.

She just keeps swimming into the deep end with no awareness of what’s going on.


Today, Donald Rumsfeld was waiting for her.

“Well the electoral vote counts,” Behar answered.



Here’s the video of the segment but I’ll warn you that it’s very painful to watch.

Say what you want about Rumsfeld.

I’ll take him over Joy Behar any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

H/T Liberty Writers News

Rumsfeld is not our favorite, but anyways, he showed Joy Behar where her place is. She is an arrogant woman and she is part of the liberal ‘machinery’ for 24/7 liberal propaganda, manipulation and lies. Even the popular vote was given to Hillary after a massive voter fraud.