Joy Behar Insults White People On The View


Joh Behar doesn’t want to end her agony as a public person. She continues to serve to the liberal left and what she said in one of her shows will make the entire nation angry. Joy Behar and her liberal friends know nothing about respect and professionalism, but sometimes they really cross the line. Read more below:

The women of The View brought Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on their show Monday so that they could all bash Donald Trump’s American Healthcare Act. During the interview, Joy Behar launched a vile racist attack on white men, but viewers didn’t let her get away with it.

Conservative 101 reported that liberal idiots like Behar claim the bill is sexist because if you choose not to pay for it, get pregnant, and then decide you want government healthcare to pay for your pregnancy, then the cost will be higher than the people who pay for it on a regular basis. Somehow, this logic makes sense in the minds of liberals…

Of course, liberals are really only concerned with the fact that some white men voted in favor of the bill.

“When you look at the photo of the people that are deciding, working on this bill, look at the 13 senators…they’re all men,” Sunny Hostin said.

“Do any of them have female genitalia. Maybe we’re missing something,” Whoopi Goldberg chimed in.

“White men…white men,” Behar barked, before saying why she thinks the bill was sexist.

“Because women do have a lot to lose,” Gillibrand stated. “We were really discriminated against by health care companies without Obamacare. We were charged more being a mom was considered a pre-existing condition for some people. The fact that we would be charged more because we are women because we might get pregnant and when we are pregnant that was being considered a pre-existing condition. And it’s offensive and it’s troubling that there are no women.”

Had Behar mouthed off about black men, she would have already lost her job by now. However, since she targeted whites, ABC has no intention of firing her. Despite this, Twitter users made it clear that they are sick of her nonsense.




H/T Truth Monitor

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