Joy Villa gets INCREDIBLE NEWS after what she did at the Grammy! This is shocking!

Joy Villa completely shocked the liberal celebrities from the USA as she wore pro-Trump dress at the Grammy awards. The liberals unleashed their anger and frustrations on Villa, but that is what the mainstream media wants you to know. After this bold move, Villa has some good news to share with the people of the USA!

many multi millionaire entertainers have raised such a stink about how angry they are that their Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump that it’s almost hard to believe that there are any entertainers at all who aren’t brainwashed, knee jerk liberals.

At the Grammys, little known singer Joy Villa, who proudly supports President Donald Trump, proved how wrong this thought is by showing up to the awards show dressed head to toe in a custom made dress with the slogan “Make America Great Again” in giant letters. Much to Villa’s delight, she has since gotten the best news of her life.

Conservatives and Trump supporters of every stripe were so thrilled to see Joy Villa stick it to stupid liberals in such an outspoken way that they have driven sales of Villa’s album I Make the Static to near the top of Amazon’s top 100 digital albums list.

As of this writing, Villa’s album was sitting at #11 on the iTunes chart as well, beating albums from better known liberals Lady Gaga (#33) and Beyonce (#90). Said Joy Villa before her album rose even higher, “I’m speechless…you, my amazing fans and supporters have put me to #16 on the iTunes Top Albums Charts!”

She posted a photo of herself in her Trump dress, writing, “Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree. See the person over the politics, carry yourself with dignity, always. Life is made to be lived, so go boldly and give no effs!” Will you reward this unapologetic pro Trump artist by buying her album?


As you can see, the people adore this singer. Her Trump-supporting appearance brought her a real fortune. Because, the fortune favors the bold!