Judge Jeanine Tells Hannity Exactly What She Wishes She Could Do To Hillary Clinton [Video]


Sean Hannity had Judge Jeanine Pirro on his show and she was fired up. He asked her one simple question. “If you were the attorney general-” Jeanine started to laugh already knowing where this was going. She then told him to finish the question.

“You would put her in jail?” asked Hannity. She immediately had a strong and powerful answer. “Without a doubt!” started Jeanine.

“You do not have the right to violate the law, put the security of this nation in jeopardy, lie to the American people about it over and over again, meet with the FBI – where all the rules are thrown to the wind – and then say to the American people, ‘I should be your president,” said Jeanine. Check out the full video below.