JUST IN: Franklin Graham Revealed Who Really Intervened In The Election – It’s Not Who You Think


The Rev. Franklin Graham decided to step out and make a preach about Donald Trump and the previous election. This man of God was not able to stay in silence and listen to the sick mainstream media snakes spilling poison on our honorable nation. Look what he said:

“Since the election, there’s been a lot of discussion as to how Donald Trump won the election,” Graham said Saturday at President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” rally in Mobile, Ala.

“I don’t have any scientific information. I don’t have a stack of emails to read to you. But I have an opinion. I believe it was God,” said Graham, who in the months before the election had continually encouraged Americans to pray that the nation be given a new direction.

“God showed up. He answered the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people across this land that have been praying for our country,” Graham said.

During the prayer Graham offered Saturday, he asked that God heal “the divide that we have in this country.”

Graham had suggested last week there was more to the election than Russian hacking.

“Do you think the Russians interfered with the outcome of the U.S. election or was it God?” he tweeted. Graham also tweeted the importance of prayer.

Graham used his Facebook page to encourage all Americans to pray.

“Donald Trump will become our president in just over a month, and he needs our prayers for wisdom as he puts together his administration. I encourage everyone — whether you voted for President-elect Trump or not — to come together and pray for him. God hears and works through the prayers of His people,” he wrote.

H/T Western Journalism

May God watch over our country! We are blessed to have a leader like Donald Trump. He is the keeper of our faith and savior of Christianity! Let us all go together in the last crusade and drain the swamp! Our swamp is full of poisonous snakes and bloodthirsty piranhas, we need the help of God to extinguish them all!