They Just ID’d The Woman Who Wanted Dogs Removed From The Plane, Here’s Who She Is


Well, well, well… The corrupted media surprise us more and more with their ignorance of very important news. Everything that’s not accepted by the liberal matrix of vicious propaganda is ignored and banned. Many people asked the question about who was the person who wanted service dogs removed from the plane on the southwest airlines flight. Now, you have the answer and don’t be shocked, this was expected.

The woman who was kicked off of a southwest airlines flight after demanding service dogs be removed from the plane has just been identified as a Muslim professor from Maryland. reported: The woman who has kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight after demanding dogs be removed from the plane has been identified as Muslim professor Anila Daulatzai, who teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Daulatzai has kicked off a flight to Los Angeles on Tuesday after demanding two dogs be removed from the plane because she has “life-threatening allergies.” 

She was unable to produce any documentation to prove this fact and was kicked off the flight in accordance with Southwest’s stated policies which explicitly forbid passengers from claiming a life-threatening allergic reaction to animals without a medical certificate.

Speculation is rife she demanded the dogs be removed because Muslims view dogs as unclean. Might this incident have had something to do with the fact that Islam hates dogs?” Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer asked.


Just for a comparison, when the Asian guy refused to leave the plane, the leftists started a huge propaganda. When someone is “discriminated” on the planes or the airports, leftists are always ready to play the role of “human rights” activists, but when a Muslim passanger demands something unnaceptable, they ignore the information. They totally ignore it. Their ignorance will cost them too much.