JUST IN: IDIOTS Who Beat Trump Supporter in Chicago Just Got ONE HUGE Gift


Something horrible happens in the USA… Are we going to allow our citizens to be beaten up because they believe in democracy and their right of free vote? What is this show? It is really bad and boring, we are all exhausted from this madness. We, as Americans, believe in the constitution and the justice, so why are we letting this happen? We let 50 years old David Wilcox to be lynched on the street like the worst criminal. Black live matter, NO- white live matter! This is totally sick!

This 4 guys that beat the crap out of this old, peaceful man became famous for the video that is posted on the social networks. In this video we can see their cruelty and evilness as they laugh while they are beating him and they shout: ,,You voted Trump!”

The four suspects are Julian Christian, 26; Dejuan Collins, 20; Rajane Lewis, 21; and a 17-year-old who was not named. All were charged with vehicular hijacking and had a court appearance on Friday. No details of that appearance were immediately available

After the beating, the men got away with Wilcox’s car. He tried to hang on, but to no avail.

“They were beating me to have me let go of the car,” Wilcox said. “The guy went to 70 and 80 mph. If I let go, I was dead. He slowed to 45. … He tried to push the door open. …So he stepped on it again.

“He stepped up back to 70 and 80, swerved again,” Wilcox said. “The wheels on my side left the ground, up to 2 inches. … Then he slowed down. I was looking at oncoming traffic. He probably slowed to about 45. God was watching over for me. I rolled about five or seven times into the oncoming traffic lanes.”

This is a sad story. This is heavy hit to the American nation. WHY do we let such ugly things happen? Can’t we all just live in peace, stop this crazy behavior and rebuild the economy of our country, can we? AMERICA UNITED AGAINST THE BLACK RACISM!

H/T ConservativeTribune