JUST IN: Barack Obama Just THREATENED PUTIN! Is This The Start Of A New COLD WAR? [Read More]


This is a total disaster! We use this opportunity to inform you that our, so called, leader- Obama made awful accusation and pushed our country in another ugly international struggle. Liberals and their donors- the richest Illuminati- wealthy and powerful – did everything in their power to compromise Donald Trump and Republican party. They strike against Russia once again!

Our forefathers fought against these evil snakes, just as JFK did and he died. He died in the same way A. Lincoln did because he confronted the wealthy satanists( liberals). Now, they use every single kind of treachery to destroy Trumps name and , if possible, push us in a war with another conservative country Russia.

Obama made one of his classic accusations: Russians and Putin hacked the elections. This is so sick! If there is a criminal president in this world, that is not Putin, nor Trump. It is BARACK OBAMA- the muslim lover- creator of ISIS, supporter of islamic terrorism, destroyer of american economy and Obamacare. Total failure! Look how Trump responded to this stupid accusation:

Burn those liberals! Edward Snowden showed to every American how our agencies control every single call you make. You think some dummy russian hacker would have been able to enter the election system. This is ridiculous and pathetic. Accept the fact- DONALD TRUMP WILL BE THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE USA!