JUST IN: President Donald Trump Signs First Bill As President

General James Mattis was in a struggle with the system because he was unable to serve as the Secretary of Defense because the law requires 7 years retirement from active duty in the military until one is able to take that crucial position. Donald Trump entrusted General Mattis with this office, despite the fact that the Democrats made hard efforts to sabotage the general. Trump kept his word- can you guess what was the first bill he signed?

President Donald Trump signed his first act of legislation in office Friday, a bill that allows retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis to serve as defense secretary.

Current law does not allow retired military officers to head the Department of Defense until they are out of service for seven years. Congress passed a waiver last week to allow President Trump’s pick for defense secretary, Mattis, to serve.

Great news! Let us hope that our President will continue to be bold and confident, the people of America are there to encourage him in every hard decision. Congratulations General! We are going to make America great again!


H/T Daily Caller