JUST IN: Ivanka Gets BAD News – But Then…

The liberal hypocrites are not resting. These people are all the time busy at insulting Donald Trump and his family. Liberals are full of fake accusations and stupid statements about things that are completely fabricated. Now, they go against Ivanka Trump with awful stupid things like racism, xenophobia etc. Donald Trump is not a RACIST! This word lost its meaning because of the brainwashing liberal propaganda. First- Donald Trump’s administration and team are full of black people and he never ever bothered himself with their ridiculous claims.

Second, Donald Trump is not a racist because he wants to save our jobs from the illegal immigrants and defend us from the muslim terrorists. You witness everyday what happens in Europe. Their liberal governments accepted muslims and betrayed their nations. Now, we have to admit that the situation in Europe is beyond horrible.

However, lets read the full article. This is a pure example of liberal’s idiocy.

Daily Mail reported that the effort is being led by the Halt Action Group, which was founded by curator Alison Gingeras, dealer Bill Powers, Jonathan Horowitz, and other personalities in the art world.

“Dear Ivanka, we need to talk about your dad,’ the group’s website stated. “Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere—least of all in the White House.”

“Steve Bannon has no place in the White House. Jeff Sessions has no place in the White House. Talk of a Muslim registry has no place in the White House,” it continued. “Hate has no place in the White House. We refuse to ‘wait and see.’ We look to you as the voice of reason.”

Other artists that have pieces in Ivanka’s Manhattan apartment have also chimed in to demand that she take their pieces down.

“Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you,” Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte wrote on his Instagram page. Ivanka previously posted a photo of herself standing next to one of Da Corte’s pieces.

At the end of November, the Halt Action Group staged a protest outside Ivanka’s apartment building in New York City. The protest was attended by around 500 people many of whom carried signs, chanted and held a candlelight vigil during the demonstration.

Unfortunately for the Halt Action Group, their little protests are failing miserably, since Trump’s favorability ratings are soaring. Town Hall reported that Trump’s favorability rating has jumped 12 points since the beginning of October, from 29% to 41%. Though 47% of Americans still view him unfavorably, a net of -6% is still pretty good for an incoming president like him after such a divisive election.

In addition, Ivanka remains one of the most popular members of the Trump family. Many have taken to Twitter to defend her from the vile attacks these artists have inflicted on her.


H/T Truth Monitor

Ungrateful hypocrites! You are getting paid for this! That’s for sure, we know how you brainwashing factories work. But you can not defeat us! Donald Trump is legally with the votes on the election day and Electoral College votes -THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! YOU ARE PATHETIC ! HOW PITY HIPSTERS!