JUST IN: Joe Biden Supports Trump – OBAMA IS LIVID – Democrats Can’t Trust Their Eyes


Joe Biden shows full support for our President. Biden was a little shy in showing his sympathies to Donald Trump.  However, he makes some excellent points about his policy and his governing. Read more below- you will enjoy this post:

At a press conference in Delaware on Monday, former Vice President Joe Biden said what seemingly no other Democrat is willing to say.

The former vice president was asked if President Donald Trump deserves a chance to govern. Biden answered with a fiery response. Explained why he and former President Barack Obama have tried to stay out of the national conversation for the time being:

“Sure he does. That’s exactly why you haven’t seen the president on any of the shows. I mean if I was able to charge, you guys would pay me a lot of money to come on the shows — not a joke. That’s why you haven’t heard anything from us about that.

“He’s really playing catch-up,” said Biden. “He should be given a chance. It’s too early to judge.”

The News Journal reported that Biden made the remarks at a press conference for an event to launch his new Biden Institute.The institue will be based out of the University of Delaware. According to its website, the Biden Institute is:

“…a new research and policy center focused on developing public policy solutions on issues ranging from economic reform and environmental sustainability to civil rights, criminal justice, women’s rights and more. The institute will also convene thought leaders on the most important issues of the day.”

Biden also revealed that although they may comment on ongoing issues. He and Barack Obama both agreed that they would refrain from entering into a “personal back-and-forth” with President Trump.

Monday’s press conference was not the first time Vice President Biden has publicly commented on the new administration. At SXSW on Sunday, Biden discussed his work to end cancer and issued a call for the Trump administration to continue his efforts, saying:

“It’s my hope that this new Administration, once they get organized. And I’m not being facetious — that they will work in this fight against cancer. And I pledge I will do whatever I can do to work with this new Administration.” The former vice president took the lead in the fight against cancer under the Obama administration following the death of his son Beau at age 46 following a battle with brain cancer.


Of course he is going to give it a shot! The USA deserves better and Joe Biden knows that. Every man and woman who loves America will admit that Trump’s doing great and he deserves a chance. He deserves TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!