JUST IN: Look Who Resigned Over DACA!


Trump’s strong decision to rescind DACA already gave the first official RESIGNATION. The traitors will quickly show their face after Donald Trump inflicted the globalist agenda with a heavy damage. He literally started demolishing their house of cards. The leftists expected nothing from most of the hardworking Americans, but they expected votes and support by millions of illegal immigrants on American soil- the ones already living in the USA and the ones supposed to come and colonize our country.

Javier Palomarez, the CEO of United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce officially resigned.

Javier Palomarez, the CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce resigns from diversity coalition over DACA decision, citing President Trump has “misled” the American people. 

In a letter, Palomarez said the USHCC “vehemently opposes” President Trump’s “inhumane” termination of DACA. 

Palomarez claims denying 800,000 “dreamers” would cost the U.S. $280 billion in “lost economic growth.”


And this is not everything that we can expect from the leftists. We can expect huge riots on the streets of our big cities. These so-called “DREAMERS” don’t come before our American dreamers who live on the streets.

They are not privileged more than our veterans who live like beggars or our brave men and women in blue uniforms who are degraded and humiliated by Obama’s deep state.

And in the end, WHO CARES ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE FROM THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES? Are we a giant charity house, or we are the most prosperous republic known in the history of humanity?

We have to take care of our own interests. Don’t you agree?