JUST IN: Loretta Lynch Gets DEVASTATING NEWS After Her Meeting With Bill Clinton! SHE’S DONE NOW!


Attorney Loretta Lynch is playing with fire! We have information that she had an appointment with Bill Clinton. This meeting happened on the Phoenix Airport. What were these two talking about we can only speculate, but this is big. Bill Clinton delayed his flight on purpose- the meeting with Lynch. Now, as we know, she is going to be suspended from the Clinton case because this meeting was leaked.

Loretta Lynch was working on the H.Clinton case for for her use of the unauthorized server. Now she will be replaced with someone else because there is open suspicion of corruption. Why would the ex-president and head of the Clinton’s Klan meet her? It is obvious,isn’t it?

It is sad to know how the most responsible people, leaders of the nation take part of this kind of black deals. We can not be sure about this, and of course, the FBI wont take investigation. The FBI it is not trustworthy that is a fact! Why they stopped the investigation about such a heavy crime like use of private server for espionage? Now we see that someone makes preassure on the attorney and again-FBI is silent.

One can only shake their head in disgust, and ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow definitely would concur. He slammed both the Clintons and the Obama administration for their “arrogance and inappropriate actions.” Remember when Obama promised his administration would be “the most transparent in history.” So much for that plan, eh Obama?“

,,This administration has gone out of its way to hide information from the American public — information that is extremely troubling,” Sekulow said. “The stakes are high. The American people deserve a Justice Department with integrity.”

Soon after this, the power that wants to be undisputed put high pressure on this guy. They want to keep themselves secure, everybody that stands in their way must be taken away. However, this investigation must occur. Do you think criminals are allowed to walk on the street freely and even take some more criminal activities? I do not think so! America is strong country and will punish any wrong doing.


H/T AngryPatriot