Just In: Nancy Pelosi Gets CAREER-ENDING News – Even Democrats Turned Against Her


The leader of House Minority, Nancy Pelosi, famous for constantly coming up with new ways to bash President Trump, has taken her hatred for the president on a whole new level, doing something that no person should do and crossing a line that should never be crossed.

This woman dreams for impeachment, and we the Patriots hope its going to happen! After a long string of very peculiar public appearances of Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats and her constituents are speculating about her health. They are even venting rumors that she is suffering from mental health problems.

Some Democrats want her to step down. Where was this when they had the chance to choose someone else to lead the Democratic presence in the House?

While the crazy lady says that she is just fine, it seems that a lot of her fellow representatives down believe her.

Reports show that Rep. Tim Ryan has recently criticized Nancy Pelosi. He called her “toxic” and issued a renewed attack on the way she is leading the Democratic Party. He is a firm believer that it will be difficult for the Democrats to reassume control of the House in the elections next year with Pelosi in charge, he is begging for new leaders from the younger generation to rise.

“It’s going to be more challenging, certainly,” said Ryan, adding “You see these commercials that tie these candidates to Leader Pelosi week in and week out in the last several months. That still moves the needle, you know?”

But that was not the only individual that has the same opinion that Pelosi needs to go.

Representative Seth Moulton agrees that it is definitely a time for a change.

Moulton went on to elaborate on how he wants more balance back in Washington. He wants to win with leadership that can be trusted by the American voter base, the only problem is, Democrats are not trustworthy.

Moulton is begging for a new generation of leaders, but the way they coddle these younger people, they will never be ready to lead.

All in all, with Nancy Pelosi out of the way, Democrats are desperate for a new way to take control of the House, which sadly, the odds of doing so are nothing when compared to President Trump and his team.

What do you think of the Democrats turning on Pelosi?