JUST IN: New Secret Email Server Discovered, Dems Panic!


Liberals in panic mode! New secret email server discovered and the things are not looking good at all for the DNC. The members of this political party are already compromised by the members of their own. After Seth Rich allegedly released 30k emails, it seems that someone else wants to do the same. Read more below:

Another secret computer server scandal is emerging from the Democrat Party and many Democrats are worried about their secrets getting out.

According to the Daily Caller, 45 House Democrats have had their emails, documents, and other files funneled to a secret computer server by one man and his family. It’s Imran Awan, a former IT aide who has worked with the Democrats for years.

Imran Awan started working as an IT aide for House Democrats as early as 2004. He was first hired by five Democrats who all put him on their payroll. Over the years, the number increased to 45 House Democrats who had Awan on their payroll.

Awan came under investigation in early 2016 when House administrators learned of a number of alleged financial schemes Awan had been running, such as falsifying purchase orders. When they investigated the allegations, they discovered that not only was he acting fishy with finances, but was also guilty of a major breach in House Democrats’ cybersecurity.

Typically, each House members’ data is stored on a private server unique to them. It turns out that Awan had also been funneling the data to a separate secret server connected to the House Democrat Caucus. He was also uploading huge amounts of data to Dropbox which gave him access to the data whenever he wished, even when banned from the DNC network during the investigation.

The ban occurred when Representative Xavier Becerra (D-CA), one of Awan’s employers, left his seat to become California attorney general. Becerra attempted to delete the data from his server only to discover it was under investigation. When authorities requested an image of the server, a fake was provided by Awan, convincing authorities to probe deeper.

When authorities discovered the secret server and the files uploaded to Dropbox, Awan and his wife Hina Alvi, were indicted for fraud charges, but have yet to be charged with criminal cybersecurity violations.

A House official explains that the data Awan likely has could prove to contain very embarrassing or compromising information on the House Democrats who employed him. To avoid being blackmailed or having their dirty laundry aired, they’ve been very lackadaisical about the entire matter. So far, they’ve only removed Awan from their payroll and barred his access, but have not pursued criminal charges for the breach.

 Amazingly, it would seem they haven’t even looked into what data was stolen or what information might be on the private server. Representative Sander Levin (D-MI), said he wasn’t worried. “After being notified by the House Administration Committee, this individual was removed from our payroll. We are confident that everything in our office is secure,” Levin said.
 What do you think of this? Do we need a new law that will ban all private servers for politicians? However, it’s very interesting story how Imran Awan had his little adventure in the DNC. He should ‘spill the beans’ and help the government arrest the corrupted Democrats.