JUST IN: OBAMA INSIDER BREAKS SILENCE – REVEALS Federal Crime – Barack in Serious Trouble

It seems that what we feared most may be actually true. Barack Obama could stand behind huge federal crimes as an insider decided to tell the truth, according to Conservative Brief. Mike Pence, for example, was very suspicious long time ago, but already nothing happened. If there really is involvement by Obama or his people, our political establishment will face a huge disaster and even bigger dichotomy.

After the Democrats were targeted by election cyberattacks in 2016, Barack Obama was quick to speak out to warn that our sacred electoral system was facing an imminent threat of cyberattack. However, this week a group risked everything to reveal that Obama was actually behind a series of election cyberattacks himself.

The Daily Caller reported that officials in Obama’s Department of Homeland Security tried to hack Indiana’s state electoral system with at least 14,800 hits between Nov. 1, 2016, to Dec. 16, 2016. This was only revealed after Indiana officials traced the attacks to a DHS computer’s IP address.

According to Conservative Tribune, they found that this was the same IP address that attempted to hack into the Georgia electoral system 10 times in 2016.Then-Governor Mike Pence kept his wits about him and refused federal “help” when offered it, making it clear that he no longer trusted Obama’s government at all.

Since Donald Trump was inaugurated, he has directed the DHS to launch an investigation into why its own personnel hacked state election systems.
Hopefully, he can get to the bottom of what Obama did and expose the former president as the hypocritical criminal that he is!

H/T Conservative Brief

Come on, let’s be honest for a second. Obama would have never launched an investigation against his own team about anything, because there is a wide net of people connected and spheres of interests- you know how the liberal elites work. On the other hand, we have a strong, confident and honorable President. Is he able to reveal the whole truth and punish the guilty? What do you think?