Just In: Robert Mueller To Be Shown The Door


Robert Mueller is the worst thing that ever happened to Donald Trump. The vast conspiracy against the new White House administration and Donald Trump has one major EXECUTIONER of the plan. That man is ROBERT MUELLER.

Everybody knows that the Russia-Trump connection is nothing else but a HUGE FRAUD against the legitimacy of not  Donald Trump only, BUT THE ENTIRE FEDERAL REPUBLICAN SYSTEM OF THE USA.

However, Robert Mueller was not good enough. He failed to fulfill the expectations. One smart Republican lawmaker made a great proposition for the Congress. Read the report below:

The Russia conspiracy is a debunked fraud.

By now, everyone knows that it’s a phony scandal, designed solely to try and destroy President Trump.

So, why are we continuing with the costly special counsel?That’s what one GOP lawmaker is wondering, and he’s proposing an amendment to stop funding the special counsel.

A Republican lawmaker has put forth an amendment that would stop funding for the special counsel’s Russia investigation 180 days after it becomes law.
The amendment from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) would also prevent special counsel Robert Mueller from probing “matters occurring before June 2015,” which is the month Trump announced his presidential bid.

The amendment was submitted as part of the upcoming spending package the lower chamber is expected to weigh after the congressional recess.

Mueller, who was appointed a special counsel in May, is responsible for investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential election and any potential ties between President Trump’s campaign staff and Moscow.


Robert Mueller sails in the wilderness. If our judiciary system was independent, if we haven’t had selective justice, Robert Mueller could be prosecuted for a fraud. He is the one who gave Trump the advice to fire James Comey in the first place, and now he is the one who’s prosecuting Trump for that action. Where’s logic here?