JUST IN: Tomi Lahren RISES AGAIN- Issues CRUSHING BLOW To Obamacare [Video]


Tomi Lahren managed to deliver one of the most epic rants we have ever seen. Tomi, like most conservatives and independents, is sick and tired of listening to the left whine about Obamacare getting repealed.

In her video, she speaks for a little over 2 minutes about the repeal, and how the new bill is now being called “Trumpcare.” She raised some VALID points about the ways the new bill will help Americans already struggling to pay their bills, via Youtube.

First, she made it a point to say that the House’s new healthcare bill might not be the dream bill that we all had in mind, but that it is wildly preferable to the disaster that was Obamacare. We have some groundwork to build up a truly amazing health care system that benefits everyone.

One of the key differences between the two health care bills is the individual mandate clause. It’s gone now. This is great news for people who simply do not want healthcare. You SHOULD NOT be punished for not participating in the healthcare system. It is not the responsibility of the working class to pay for everyone else’s healthcare, especially if we’re forcing onto people who don’t want it.

If Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton made it into office, we would be staring down the barrel of a socialist system — which would prove to be the downfall of our country. The people who can barely pay their own insurance would still be paying for everyone else’s healthcare. If that happened, we would all know the definition of “broke.”

Another brilliant point that Lahren brings to light is the fact that the Democrats have done NOTHING to help with this issue. They have pulled out all the stops in an effort to keep our country stagnant.

Instead of trying to BETTER our country, they’ve managed to whine, march around, and make protest signs — that’s about it. They have contributed nothing to this current administration. Yet they STILL complain about how awful times are. They probably couldn’t answer a series of easy questions about the new plan.

The left is caught up in the mainstream media frenzy of “Trump Hate,” which is flaring up like never before. If they want to act like children, fine. We’ll treat them like children. Tomi, Jeanine Pirro, Ben Shapiro, and many others have said it plainly — enough is enough. We’ve tried to be patient. We’ve tried to work peacefully, but the left just don’t want to hear it.

There is clearly a disconnect in America today, and all signs point to the left. When was the last time you heard a Democrat give a reasonable argument about anything? You don’t hear it, ever. The left are constantly yelling and rampaging about some issue, then that issue blows over. A new trendy thing to complain about comes up. The left are inconsistent with their hatred, except for when it comes to President Trump.

Do yourself a favor. The next time you encounter a raging Liberal, ask them WHY they hate Trump. If they say he’s a racist, sexist, etc, QUESTION THEM. They can’t tell you why they dislike Trump — they’ll just give vague nonsensical answers with no evidence. Somehow, they still have no clue why it is they lost the election. The truth is smacking them right in the face every single day.

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