JUST IN: Trump Just Brought Down The Nanny State – IT’S OFFICIAL


DONALD TRUMP MADE A HUGE PROMISE! Finally, the budget is in question… Everybody expected to see Donald Trump “shining” when it comes to economy and business. He made promises and he keeps them. Now he just made his last-THE TAXPAYERS WILL WIN EVERYTHING!

Yes, that’s right! Donald Trump is making a huge budget cut. No more irrational waste of taxpayers’ money. Now, we make America great again!

On Thursday, President Trump submitted the outline for the budget that he will send to Congress next month. Keeping to his campaign promises and take a business-like approach to our budget, Trump has proposed massive budget cuts and spending reductions across the board.

Trump primarily focused his budget cuts on duplicative services that other governmental agencies provide, services better delivered at the state and local level, and services that could survive on private funding.

In addition, he’s challenged all of his Cabinet members with finding ways to make their departments run smoothly and more efficiently.

On the chopping block is funding for the the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, and the Woodrow Wilson International Program for Scholars.

Trump is finally doing what politicians have promised for years — getting spending under control in Washington. The only problem… the career politicians on both sides of the aisle who love big government. To them, the American taxpayers are suckers who keep giving them money that they can spend anyway they want.

This is the same fight that Reagan fought in the 80’s when he famously printed out the budget that congress proposed and rolled it out in a wheelbarrow during his State of the Union address one year.

H/T Conservative Brief

THIS IS DONALD TRUMP AS WE KNOW HIM! People, this man wants to bring the country back to the people, back to the REAL Americans.

You call those liberals Americans? They burn the national flag, they disrespect the national anthem… I wouldn’t even mention their mentors, the nasty career politicians who wants to satisfy their greed and fulfill their ambition. Disgusting!

They will CRY after this, trust me! This will unable them to waste taxpayers’ money on nothing. Trump and his team once again prove that they’re part of the people, working for the greater good. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU SUPPORT TRUMP’S REFORM! AMERICA DESERVES BETTER!