JUST IN: Trump Keeps The Pressure On The NFL


Donald Trump continues his pressure on the NFL as he just sent a powerful message to all NFL fans and all Americans who feel offended by the rogue players who just don’t want to quit their suicidal anti-American behavior.

This liberal madness was started by one unsuccessful and overly frustrated player who wanted to become more famous by showing his hatred against this country.

The tension now escalated and the nation is very disappointed in the entire NFL, especially after the communist commissioners confronted the audience and now, the president himself, because Trump decided to speak in the name of all Americans.

Yesterday, Trump destroyed arrogant and disrespectful commissioner Goodell, today he keeps rubbing NFL’s commissioners noses in the painful truth. Look what he said about the NFL:



Straight in your face, leftists! We said so many times before and we will say this again, the NFL and the American football is something that represents the eminent American culture and way of life.

The globalists and their little liberals want to destroy the American culture and way of life. They can’t stand tradition and culture, their pure hatred of everything considered American is so obvious. We must not let them succeeded in their mission to destroy the American culture.

Donald Trump deserves respect and admiration for his big efforts to stop the madness in the NFL. Do you support him? Please spread this story and let’s all stand behind the President. BOYCOTT NFL!