JUST IN: Trump Received BAD NEWS About Apointing Mitt Romney As Secretary Of State


Donald Trump, after his victory on the presidential election,  must choose who he wishes to be part of his inner circle. Trump is planning to choose the former Massachusetts Governor and former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as his Secretary of State. This might be the most reasonable but also the most contentious move. This will put Romney on the top as a nation diplomat. The same job, Barack Obama gifted to Hillary Clinton after he trounced her in the 2008 Democratic primary. While Romney would likely do a fair job at his post, some of Trump’s more diehard supporters in the Republican elite are not nearly as optimistic about Romney or his loyalties.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said:

It’s not about that I don’t care for Mitt personally, but I’m still very unhappy that Mitt did everything he could to derail Donald Trump. He didn’t just go after him from a standpoint of saying I disagree with his policy on immigration or I disagree with his policy on taxes. He attacked him on a personal level about his character, integrity, his honor.

Newt Gingrich, who helped Republicans lose a landslide to Bill Clinton’s Democrats in the 90s gave his two cents on Romney’s potential appointment:

You have to list out all the things he said and think, ‘Is this guy really gonna be loyal?’ But also, you know, Gov. Romney wanted to be president, not secretary of state, and you have to ask the question: When he goes overseas, is he gonna be the secretary of state for President Trump or is he gonna be Mitt Romney’s own secretary state? I will support whoever President-elect Trump picks because he has the right, I think as the new president, to build the team he wants to build, but I would suggest there are a lot of other people who are more qualified than Romney in foreign policy and who are also have not been as actively hostile as he’s been.

Romney might not have much foreign policy experience but 10s  of millions of Americans voted for him. However, no matter who are going to be selected to be in Trump’s administration, there will always be scrutiny from either side of the aisle.


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